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Kamen Rider Kuuga by ROCuevas
Kamen Rider Kuuga
My first SHFiguarts figure. Got it from the Collector's Expo that came into my town today. The Mighty Form Kamen Rider Kuuga!
I was tagged by no one but I saw many people posting it so I gave it a try.

1. Name

Most call me ROC but I go by Rolando or Roland

2. Name Backwards

Odnalor So weird

3. Were you name(d) after anyone?

I'm not really sure.

4. Does your name mean anything?

"Famous Throughout the land"... I'm famous! :dummy: 

5. Nickname(s)




6. Screen Name(s)

ROCuevas, ROCuevas95

7. Date of Birth

July 28th 1995. I'm a summer person.

8. Place of Birth


9. Sign


10. Religion:


11. Height


12. Weight 

Fat. -_-

13. Shoe Size

Big. -_-

14. Hair Color:

Dark brown.

15. Eye Color


16. What you look like?

A boy. XP

17. Innie or Outie


18. Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous


19. Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other

I'm straight..

20. Best Friend(s)

In real life... a few. :3

On DA, TOO MANY TO COUNT. But I shall list some. If I forget a few, I am sorry. :(


21. Best Friend you trust most

I'm not sure who to trust. :iconshiftyplz:

22. Best Friends (same sex)

(Look above)

23. Best Friends(opposite sex)


24. Best Buds

(look above)

25. Boyfriend/Girlfriend


26. Crush

None at the moment.

27. Parents


28. Worst Enemies

None at the moment.

29. Favorite Online Guys

Markiplier, CinnamonToastKen, PewDiePie, Yamimash, and LordMinion777.

30. Favorite Online Girls 


31. Funniest Friend

:iconnyanicornyay: and :iconenkisekae:

32. Craziest Friend

:iconnyanicornyay: Hands down.

33. Advice Friend 


34. Loudest Friend

Not sure.

35. Person you cry with


36. Karaoke Friend

I can't sing.

37. Snapchat buddy

Mostly my friends irl.

38. Any Sisters?

Yep. 1

39. Any Brothers?

2 older half brothers. My dad was married before he met my mom.

40. Any Pets?

2 puppies. :D

41. A Disease

No idea.

42. A Pager


43. A Personal Phone line


44. A Cell Phone


45. A Lava Lamp


46. A Pool or Hot Tub?

We HAD a pool once.

47. A Car


Describe Your... 

48. Personality

I'm kind. Ask anyone of my friends.

49. Driving 

Can't drive yet. :(

50. Car or Car you want

Sadly no car yet...

51. Room

White with a green rug

52. Mmh 

Mmh Yeah Yeah

53. School

College level

54. Bed


55. Relationship with your parent(s)

We're close. :3

56. Believe in yourself

Not all the time.

57. Believe in love at first sight?

Eh... kinda. But I think that's more of a brief attraction thing...

58. Consider yourself a good listener

You may vent to me. I will listen. :iconsherlockplz:

60. Get along with your parents

We good. :3

61. Save your e-mail conversations 


62. Pray


63. Believe in reincarnation 


64. Like to make fun of people

Only if they're trolls or brats.

65. Like to talk on the phone

Not really.

66. Like to eat

Yes... it's why I'm fat. T_T

67. Like to drive

Too scared to drive.

68. Get motion sickness 

No idea.

69. Eat the stems of broccoli 

Ew no. :X (Mad)

70. Eat Chicken Fingers with a fork


71. Dream in color

Yes. :) (Smile)

72. Type with your fingers at home row


73. Sleep with stuffed animal

All my stuff animals are gone.

74. Right next to you

A fan.

75. On the wall of your room

A poster of Assassin's Creed Revelations.

76. On your mouse pad

Using a laptop.

77. Your dream car

I don't have a dream car.

78. Your dream date


79. Your Dream Honeymoon spot

Rather wait for marriage first. 

80. Your dream husband/wife

One who is nice and doesn't mind me playing video games.

81. Your bedtime

11:30 if I have college class but up all night until 1:00.

82. Under your bed

My pup Charlie. She loves going under there.

83. The single most important question 

"May I have that taco?" XD

84. Your bad time of the day

No idea.

85. Your worst fear(s)

Dolls. I blame Chucky!

86. The weather like


87. The time

2:35 PM.

88. The date

Jan 16 2015

89. The best trick you ever played on someone


90. The weirdest food or drink you like

...I'm not sure.

91. Favorite Theme song

I am nerdy but it's hard to pick between this one: [link] and this one: [link]

92. The hardest thing about growing up


93. Your funniest moment

Not sure.

94. Your scariest moment .

Being locked in a room with a Chucky Doll.

95. The silliest thing you ever said

"I'll be black- I mean BACK! DX".

96. The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the someone


97. The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend

Almost in a car crash.

99. The best feeling in the world

Not sure...

100. 5 people you tag 

I tag no one. Feel free to this if you want to.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Books
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: InFamous Second Son
  • Eating: Tacos
  • Drinking: Sprite


Rolando Cuevas
United States
I am just a guy from a Texas city. Currently looking for a job as I await for Fall to start my second year of college.

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